Flats and Apartments in Budapest
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Flats and Apartments in Budapest:

Are you looking for a flat or an apartment where you can stay during your time in Budapest?

We have the right place waiting for you! Are you looking for a place where you wake up when you would like to, instead of following the schedule of the meals at a hotel? Or you simply want the freedom of buying some groceries at the store, and later make your own meal at your own kitchen? We give you this opportunity, at low prices!

Click below at the pictures for more information about the flat you are interested in:

Buda Batthyany

42 m2
Pest Blaha

Pest Arpad

47 m2

Who are we?

We are a a married couple (doctor/touristguide), and we help tourists find good apartments for their stay in Budapest, and we help people in Budapest rent out their flats to nice tourists. We also help arrange guided tours.

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